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Lotus Leopard Wyvern, Bigfoot, Loveland Frogman by Mel Ayers


We have book deal!

It’s for–you guessed it–a Bigfoot book. We’re very excited to be working with Indiana University Press to bring you, the fans–believer or skeptic–a book that will be your one-stop shop for Bigfoot. Complete with tons of artwork by Mel Ayers. Keep checking back for updates.

Read for Free:

Book CoverAn Adventure. A robot. A dream. 

Why Regan’s friends expect her to stay behind when her parents move to China is a mystery. Seriously…pass up the adventure of living in another country? It’s only a year, then she’ll return for college … somewhere, studying … something.
British expat, Link, has life figured out. Fine-tune the robot’s glitches, win the Stanford scholarship, then secure a job with a major robotics company. Only a life-altering variable could mess up his dream.
Or a pretty neighbor who can see through the sketchy lies he hides behind. Regan’s outgoing, smart, and fun, but fun isn’t in the plan. And neither is disclosing his past.
Until the robot disappears. Link needs Regan’s help to track it. Neither are prepared for the secrets they uncover. And their only plan for the future? Don’t to get caught.


Story and links to previous chapters are found in the newsletter. Thank you so much for stopping by. We hope you’ll check back often for updates.

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