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A division of Cryptid World, this website contains stories and graphics that support the Belied Outcast Legends theme. It also contains our blog because it’s the older of the two sites.

You can find our most updated content at https://cryptidworld.com.

Some of you have asked about our web address… What is a belied outcast legend?

A Belied Outcast is someone or something perceived as different but in reality serves an important purpose in the world. They become a legend when we tell a story about them.

Here are a few things you’ll find on the website:

  • Newsletter sign-up–the inside scoop on all the projects we’re working on, plus some cool articles on cryptids and creation, and a free ebook.
  • Once a week (more or less), we blog about life and this crazy adventure we call … work? 
  • Cryptid of the Month–a monthly character design by Mel Ayers.
  • Some fiction and non-fiction stories.
  • No Longer Alone. Free. Download on your kindle or PC. Scroll down for more info.
  • Watch Mel draw creatures.

We have book deal!

Two actually. We’re so excited!!

Bigfoot: America’s Favorite Cryptid and Sky Monsters: America’s Flying Cryptids.

We’re excited to be working with Indiana University Press to bring the fans of Bigfoot and Sky Cryptids two books in 2020 that will be your one-stop shop for all things Bigfoot and those unknown monsters lurking in the sky.

Complete with tons of artwork by Mel Ayers.

If you’re interested in following our progress, sign up for our newsletter. Along the way, we’ll offer some unique content about the books and have some fun giveaways to celebrate.

You can read more at https://cryptidworld.com

I’m so excited to reveal that I’ve finally finished No Longer Alone. A Belied Outcast Legends novella.

Book CoverThis small book was a labor of love. I first wrote it as a short story back in high school and placed third in a county wide writing competition. Not because my writing was stellar. The message talks about the value found in all people no matter who we are or where we come from. No matter our mental state or developmental level, we are equal, and we are special, and we are created with purpose.

While I brought certain elements of this story up to date and added a romance and a fairy (with Mel’s help), the story at its core is still about a young woman who shifts perspective in her thinking to not only find value in her life circumstances but in the person she is meant to be.

Story Blurb:

He pushed her away… Until now? What changed?
Five years ago, sixteen-year-old Lola gave up trying to fit in after her best-friend, Chase, told the world she talked to an imaginary friend. She tried to explain the fairy was real, but everyone called her crazy. Now, Chase wants to be her friend again.
But forgiving isn’t easy, and no way does she trust him. Even if he has changed.
When her Mom suffers complications giving birth and the fairy disappears, Lola desperately needs to confide in someone, but can she open up and risk possible humiliation? Can she risk losing Chase again?

To read Chapter One, click here.

You can watch the book trailer then read for free if it looks like something you might enjoy. Just sign up for our newsletter. You’ll be given directions on how to access the book.

You can sign up for our newsletter at Cryptid World.  Lots of great things happening around Cryptid World and we’d love to have you join us.

Watch Mel draw creatures on YouTube at Mel draws Creatures.

“There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” –Colin Powell

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