Why Belied Outcast Legends?


Ever feel misunderstood? Like, if the world could see into your mind, discern your thoughts and feelings, they would know you aren’t always depressed or short tempered? They’d know that even though it seems like you don’t care, you do–you’re just focused, minding your own business, trying to navigate life with the tools and resources you’ve been given.

We’re all hand-made, created with unique talents and abilities meant to co-exist and serve one another. No one else can be you, do what it is you need to do in the way you need to do it. You’re not slow or attention deficit or hyper or genius or any other label. You’re just you. A beautiful creation.

So are the creatures in our stories. They’re living out of time and place, a species who don’t belong because they’re unable to conform to a standard. They’re perceived as different, scary, harmful. Outcasts.

But if all species share the same creator and are meant to serve a purpose, wouldn’t their unique gifts have meaning regardless of time and place? If creatures of the night, of the underground, of the sky and sea exist to fulfill a purpose, are they outcasts or simply misunderstood?

The Belied Outcast Legends tell the stories of creatures fighting to survive, acting on instinct while fulfilling their purpose. But fear controls humans and creatures alike, making monsters on both sides who wish to destroy what they don’t understand.






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