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The Loveland Frogman


The Loveland Frogman is one of the most peculiar cryptids I have come across. It is a three-foot-tall amphibious frog humanoid and lives in the woods and rivers of Loveland, Ohio.

The hardest thing about designing the Loveland Frogman was being original and realistic. It has such limited descriptions. So making it look as if it could be a part of the Animalia Kingdom was challenging. If I made it too humanoid, it might look foreign to this world. However, if I made it too animalistic, it would just be a frog. So I decided to go the animalistic route and added spikes to the back.

Here’s where the cryptid becomes bizarre–if cryptids weren’t bizarre enough. Sightings have claimed the Frogman carries a wand that shoots out sparks. I thought I’d leave that part up to the imagination.

Have you heard of the Loveland Frogman?

Disclaimer: In order to showcase cryptids in a real world setting, we have made some adaptaions that may not accurately reflect traditional folklore standards.

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