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Under the Rainbow

Smile, breathe, and believe in the impossible

Don’t you wish it were that easy? That we could rely on the presence of a magical unicorn to solve our problems. A touch of the horn, the drip of a tear,  or a sprinkle of dust that would grant a single wish.

What would your wish be?

Today, mine would be that I could write a book that would be interesting, informative, and worthwhile. I mean, I’m writing about Bigfoot. That’s tricky. Many will see that as a waste of time. And it could be… unless I make it interesting, informative, and worthwhile. I’m working hard, trying to do that, but today the ideas and words are log-jammed in my mind, and I’d rather be anywhere than sitting in front of my computer.

On days like this the doubt creeps in and two things happen.

unicorn_skullMy brain draws up this enormous task list of everything that needs completed from now until the day I die–all the important stuff like shampooing the rug in my living room because it hasn’t been cleaned for a while, cleaning my gutters when the temperature warms up, and oh yeah, I better plan my funeral so my kids don’t have to.


unicorn_skullI develop this insatiable desire to watch movies, read fiction or binge watch cheesy RomComs on Netflix. I crave beyond reason an escape from reality. It’s been my go to defense mechanism my whole life and has worked to help me cope and survive some hard times. I. Love. Stories.

But it doesn’t help me come up with interesting, informative, and creative ideas. I KNOW that if I do nothing, nothing will get done. My brain doesn’t need magical dust to understand that the secret to overcoming an obstacle is to keep moving forward, chiseling away at the voice of doubt until it’s small enough to push aside.

I gave up writing once. Instead of believing in my dream, I swept it under the rug and went off to do something else. Something that seemed to make more sense at the time. Until I found myself stuck under the rainbow instead of climbing over it.

sweep under rug
I learned that when I sweep my dreams under the rug, they don’t go anywhere.

The desire to write waited right there under my feet until the rug was yanked out. No unicorn was there to break my fall. No unicorn tears to heal my wounded heart. But the gift of writing helped me stand back up. Helped me find purpose. Helped me climb from beneath the rainbow. It’s the gift God hand picked for me to use while I am on this earth. How can I ever turn away from it again?

It’s that way for most of us. We have a dream or a goal, and the giants of doubt move in, tossing overwhelming obstacles in our path. Just remember the dream isn’t going anywhere. Inch forward, chisel away at the overwhelming list of to do’s and doubts. If we don’t give up, we’ll find our way over the rainbow and reach our destination.

We don’t need unicorns to believe in the impossible (although they do make life a little more fun, so if you’d like a sticker of the green and pink unicorn above, shoot us an email on the contact form, leave us your address and a message saying hi or whatever, and we’ll send you one).

From Reader’s Digest’s Best Health, here are 5 ways to cope with overwhelmed feelings:

  1. Write down what you’re worried about.
  2. Group your tasks into larger chunks.
  3. Prioritize your to do’s. Do what makes you feel strong.
  4. Just begin.
  5. Focus on what is getting done, not what needs done.

I love lists, so everything above resonates with me. How about you…how do you cope with overwhelmed feelings?

In case that wasn’t enough. Here is a great video by Mel Robbins to show you how to overcome feeling overwhelmed. I love her. She’s so down to earth and helpful in a practical sort of way.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



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