Wow ! What a Crazy Couple of Days

But it’s all been good… I think. Full of learning curves. Basically, I self-published my first novella. You can read all about the story on the home page if you want. In my mind, this story/book was intended to be my learning curve in case Mel and I decided to self-publish our full length fiction. That was right before we acquired an agent and the interest of a publisher. It was also right before we contracted two books with IU Press.

So, as I was writing my little novel, life shifted, priorities changed, but my brain didn’t want to go with the flow. No, actually it was my heart that refused to change.

No Longer Alone is the story of my heart. I want this story out in the world because the message is important.

Nothing would stop me.

stubborn mule

After critiques and beta reads, I hired an editor. She finished it a month ago, and I applied the changes, but I couldn’t get the story formatted because of a prior commitment. Finally, this week (actually it was just the last couple days) I worked 12-14 hour days formatting the story into an .epub, .pdf, and .mobi file. I had already taken a self-publishing class last summer when I was planning to self-publish everything, so I had a tutorial and some very basic knowledge.

<laughing> Just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

Nothing is ever as simple as I want it to be. I had to download notepad++ (I thought I had it). I had to download Jutoh (program for formatting epubs). I had to download Kindle Previewer and Adobe Digital Reader. The only cost was Jutoh, so that wasn’t so bad. Success. I managed all of that without a hitch (well after I called my computer guy to double-check the size of my operating system).

Oy. Me at the computer is like me at the helm of a ship. Better hope for smooth sailing or the ship will go down.

By following the instructions of my summertime teacher, I managed to clean my document in notepad++, but something went wrong as something always does. I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say, after three or maybe four attempts, I completed the cleaning process and reformatting in MS Word. But then something else went wrong after I copied it into Jutoh (where I would create the .epub and .mobi files). I had an illegal description or something in my set up. It’s always fun when an error code comes up and the message says, “Hmm… we’re not familiar with this error. Please call us to resolve this issue.”

error stop

That took me back to the days before YouTube videos and internet assistance when I would have to call Microsoft to help with computer issues. Thankfully, a different error code pointed out an illegal something or other that had to do with the description. (Obviously they define description differently than I do). I deleted the description I wrote, and everything worked fine. 

Until I tried to upload to this website. I don’t think my theme supports the plug-ins and add ons I’m trying to use to allow people to download the files. This is where I stand. Mel says to call WordPress, and I will, but ugh… when? I’m almost out of the time I allotted for this project.

Because I’m so determined to offer this book, I’ve found a way to do it. It’s all in the newsletter. Sign up on the homepage in the sidebar if you’re interested. The newsletter just went out today and contains updates about our book projects. Mel has a new Cryptid of the Month with an original design, never before seen, and we have a cool article called the Creator’s Trademark. It’s all free, perfectly harmless with good, clean content that I hope is also informative.

One other great thing happened this week. I made my very first book trailer. I have limited resources, so that requires me to be resourceful–no actors or Hollywood visual effects. Keep that in mind. I used Powerpoint, Shutterstock, Artlist, and a very tight book synopsis that took longer to write than the video to make. Anyway, I’m impressed that I figured out how to compress the PP file, convert it to a window’s media file, and upload it to a YouTube Channel.

I. Am. Exhausted.

But happy.

What have you accomplished that makes you so proud you didn’t give up?

Are you tech savvy? Do you have someone who helps you, or do you try to stubbornly figure it out for yourself?

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Take Care,


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