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Are You a Closet Cryptid Fan?

“Hey you… Young blonde with the toddler. I saw that. And you…Grandpa!” I’m shocked…and amused. And there’s a teenage boy and his dad, no big surprise, but Pastor…I had no idea. And Mrs. Prim? Wow. Good for you.

Who are these people?

Out in the world exists a population who lurks at the edge of the unknown, peeking in, curious what lies in its depths. They mingle with others who go about their daily lives oblivious to the unknown which beckons, “Come and see.”

And you have to go see. But wait…. What if someone notices? Glancing over both shoulders, you make sure no one is watching, then you peak. Innocent fun.

While you’re intrigued enough to keep looking, you watch the crowd, saying nothing, silently harboring this fascination. Until one day, a random stranger talks to you about what is in the shadows. You brighten, smile, feel a sense of joy because finally, there is someone who understands your crazy fascination with the world of cryptids.

It’s true. The more I dive into this business of unknown creatures, the more I realize there are A LOT of people out there who love the idea, but don’t talk about it. But I tell ya, in this day and age when every other conversation with a human tends to plunge deep into political debate about personal issues, I find it refreshing to escape–at least for a little bit–to a topic that allows me to veer away from the stress of the day and have a little fun.

By pushing the boundaries of the imagination with colorful details and intriguing features, we hope you can have some fun, too. Here are a few cryptids we’ve posted over the year. If you want to know more about each, you can find them located on the Cryptid of the Month page.



The other day, Mel and I were doing a little legend tripping down in Loveland, Ohio (I’ll post about it soon). We stopped in the Cincy Shirts store to check out their Loveland Frogman apparel. Apparently, they are the only physical store in the Loveland area selling Frogman merchandise. And guess what? They had a retro Loveland Frogger(man) video game. I so wanted to play, but we were on a mission. I can’t post the picture but here’s a link to the blog post about their retro games. Fun stuff!

I struck up a conversation about the Frogman with the store manager. It’s always interesting to guess how the conversation might go. Will he be respectful and quietly dismiss an uncomfortable conversation? Will he be enthusiastic and tell me about his Frogman hunts? Or will he be a closet fan and test the waters of my acceptance before he admits his interest?

A fan of all cryptids, the man engaged in a nice conversation, especially about Bigfoot–his wife’s favorite.

If you’re a curiosity seeker, it’s hard to resist Josh Gate’s Expedition Unknown or Destination Truth. If you like adventure and you haven’t seen him, these shows are top notch, offering all the details of discovery while remaining unbiased, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions. Here’s a preview of his episode on the Yeti hunt.


Josh Gates Footprint

How about you? Are you aware of this growing community of cryptid fans?

Are you a closet cryptid fan, sort of keeping your interests in the backdrop of your life? That’s okay, too. As long as life isn’t absent of the innocent fun that allows you to escape the stress of the day.


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