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Cover Reveal for Keen

I’m so excited to share the cover for the debut novel of my friend and critique partner, Laura L. Zimmerman. She is such a fun person, and it has been such a pleasure getting to know her. She writes about Fairies and other cool creatures with her own special twist.

Without further ado, here is the gorgeous cover for Laura’s book Keen.

Keen-coverHalf-faerie Caoine has no control over the banshee lament she sings each night, predicting the death of others. A senior in a brand new high school, she expects the same response she’s received at every other school: judgment from fellow students over her unusual eyes and unnaturally white skin and hair. However, when Caoine arrives at West Lincoln High, for the first time in her life she finds friends. Real friends.

But being a teenager is never easy, especially when the star soccer player, Oliver, sets his sights on her. Allowing him to get close means revealing her curse to the human world. She can’t let that happen. Life spins further out of control when her lament comes out during the day, those whose death she predicts die right in front of her, and a dark faerie known only as the Unseelie Prince blames Caoine by leaving her the creepiest notes ever. Her curse is not supposed to work like that.

In a race against time, Caoine must uncover the Unseelie Prince’s identity and stop a spell before it unleashes hell on earth, all while trying to control her banshee song and finding a place among her peers.

Senior year just got real.

I am in love with those colors, and Keen, the protagonist of the story, is simply gorgeous (and looks a little familiar…hmm). The release date for Keen is set for Tuesday July 9th, so keep an eye out for pre-sales. I hope to be a part of her blog tour. With all her energy and super ideas, I’m sure it’ll be full of fun and games.

Laura-L-Zimmerman-HeadshotIf you’d like to know more about Laura you can sign up for her newsletter at:

Follow her on Instagram: @lauralzimauthor

Follow her on Twitter: @lauralzimm

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your beautiful cover. Congratulations on your upcoming release, and good luck with the upcoming launch. This sounds like a terrific book. I can’t wait to read it!

What is your favorite part about Laura’s cover?

4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Keen”

    1. I agree. I’m really curious how this measures up next to many of the other fairy books that have been written. IMO, fairy books do not get old.


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