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Growing Pain(lessly)

It’s possible that many of you received a post a few days ago from me titled “We’re Changing Things Up.” It started by mentioning something about Labor Day and then the development of a newsletter…. Ye-ah, that post was almost a year old and sent by the mischievous fairies living inside my computer.

Sorry about that.

I’m almost certain I caused the confusion by moving and rearranging so much data last weekend. Please know that if I’m going to recycle posts, I’ll at least make sure the content is relevant. Yet, maybe the fairies sensed my upcoming topic and pulled out the most relevant post based on change and growing pains to act as a forerunner to this post.

As I perused the old blog post, slightly embarrassed, I did find it interesting to see where we were nine months ago and how far we have come since.

Some Things Never Change

We’ve all heard that “change is the only constant.” Well, here we go again… Seems like either our writing or art improves and we want to showcase it differently, or we have new information which changes our direction of travel. This is good. It keeps us moving forward.

--Henry Ford

About six months ago, after we acquired our non-fiction book contracts, we discussed a name change with our agent and came up with Cryptid World. I jumped on buying the domain name but let it sit lest we change our minds again. Well, we didn’t change our minds, in fact, the ideas kept coming and growing.

Last Saturday, I began the development of a new website at on a different web host server than Worpress. I’m still not a hundred percent sure this was a good idea FOR ME. I’m not a web designer. I don’t write code. I don’t understand code. I don’t understand technical terms. But we don’t really have the income to pay someone else to do this for us. And here’s the thing…stepping out of my comfort zone and attempting to do something hard forces me to reach out and ask for assistance.

Now, I’m talking with experts about what I need to do in order to make our vision a reality, plus I’m learning. Yeah, these growing pains can be trying, but they’re not quite so bad if I keep my perspective.

challenge and change

I’m just glad the competitive market has forced the standards of customer service to be what they are, otherwise I’m not so sure those young men and women would be so patient with me.

It’s Not My Age

Information must cook in my brain before I can make good use of it. But once an idea is fully baked…ding…my brain lets me know. Usually at 3:00 a.m.

It’s not my age, that’s just how it has always been for me. It’s my learning process, and it’s the routine I’ve established in building the new website.

  1. Work until I get stuck
  2. Ask the experts for help
  3. Apply said advice which almost never works the first, second, or third time around.
  4. Ask the experts again.
  5. Allow the instructions and details to sink in until I hear the ding.
  6. Begin work at 3:00 a.m with just a little bit more knowledge than I had the day before.
  7. Nap after lunch.

I’ve learned by now to be patient and persistent. I’ve seen the rewards of hard work and determination. I see it in so many others around me.

After a week of building and tweaking, we don’t have a lot to show on the front side of the websites, but we’ve established our presence, and there is one major change. Our homepage at features a new header that gives a preview of the artwork in our upcoming books. Please have a look. Book One has over 70 original drawings by Mel that feature the life and times of Bigfoot. This book has been turned in, approved, and put on the production list. While you’re on the site, if you look around, you’ll see some other new cryptid content.

Now, Mel and I are knee deep in Sky Monsters. Here’s Mel’s very first piece to aid in her inspiration. You all get the very first look at this drawing.

Sky Monster Image

It’s not a cover design, nor will it be in the book, it’s simply a drawing she created to help orient her muse.

We would love to have you check out our new website at, featuring family-friendly, non-fiction cryptid content, including coloring pages and the cryptid of the month graphics and articles. More products to come.

On, you will find our blog, the cryptid of the month (for a short time longer) and other writings. Our hope is to provide more fiction content here.

You can sign up for our newsletter on the home page of Cryptid World.

Our newsletter offers a more detailed look at the projects we’re working on as well as a cryptid tid-bit, an article called the Creator’s Trademark, and a product review. The newsletter is free and there is no obligation. When you sign up, you can download a free ebook called No Longer Alone, if you’re interested. Coming in July, we’ll have a new surprise for subscribers who are also cryptid fans.

That’s all for this post. Hopefully the last one on “change” for awhile, but who knows what the computer fairies have in store. They have a mind of their own.

Are you tech savvy with websites and computers, or do you need to call on the professionals for help? 

Does the intimidation of technology keep you from creating for yourself?

If you’re a writer or artist, how can we support you?

5 thoughts on “Growing Pain(lessly)”

  1. I did wonder for a how September would be here in 19 days, but I have to ask my wife what day of the week it is, so I let it drop. Would Mel be interested in making a cover for *Elijah, a man of passions*? If so, I would like to show her chapter one.

    On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 4:32 AM Belied Outcast Legends wrote:

    > T.S. Mart posted: “It’s possible that many of you received a post a few > days ago from me titled “We’re Changing Things Up.” It started by > mentioning something about Labor Day and then the development of a > newsletter…. Ye-ah, that post was almost a year old and sent by the” >

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  2. Haha – my brain translated Labor day into Memorial day and I was mildly confused at the post but just figured it was me!

    Is this a different newsletter than the one I’ve already signed up for here?

    I’m fairly tech-savy though not nearly as much as I wish. But a good dose of stubbornness helps me conquer most tasks. 😉

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