The Cyber Wasteland

I think the cyber goblins sucked today’s post out into the cyber wasteland. I had a post written, edited, ready-to-go. I even previewed it…two days ago! Then today…nothing.


On this domain, I downgraded my WordPress plan to the free option because I built a new website at a new domain on a new webhost server. That kept me from being able to migrate the blog.

I was going to keep the blog here, but if it isn’t going to work, there’s no sense in it. I just hate losing followers. We’ve worked so hard to connect with you.

If you are so inclined, and you like our content, would you be willing to check out our blog at https://cryptidworld.com/blog/ and give us a follow over there. We’re promising great content about cryptids, creatures, creation, and the ups and downs of our writing adventure. Some of you I emailed from the Cryptid World site.

Something odd…

I just noticed today’s blog in my reader, but it’s not anywhere on my website. I’m sure I’ve done something in this whole changeover process. Either that or WordPress is experiencing some issues. Either way, we hope to see you over at Cryptid World.

Take Care,

Tammy and Mel


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