We’re a mother-daughter team with a vision. We love cryptids, we love creation, and we love telling stories. We believe every creature has been created with a purpose, even the ones in our minds. Tammy is the writer (writing as T. S. Mart), also known as Mom. Mel (also known as Melcabre) is the lameness detector, folklore expert, and illustrator. Together, we’ve plotted and written three novels we call the Belied Outcast Legends. Now, that we’ve written them, we’re looking to publish. And write more.

Along with these Romance Sci fi/Fantasy stories, we’re building a legendary world–on this website–intent on sharing our love for creatures and creation. Mel is currently working on a 48 page graphic novella. It’s set in 17th century France and features a cursed, misunderstood cryptid, but that’s all we can tell you for now. She’s had to put it on the back burner as she works on three separate comic books to accompany our novels.

Before she jumps into the next novel, Tammy is working on a novella about a sixteen-year-old who’s mom is expecting. She’s excited she’ll no longer be alone until she learns the baby has a disability. Life can be so cruel. Until a fairy and the boy next door help alter her perspective.

We’re also plotting our fourth book. It’s set in New Mexico. We just returned from our research trip, which was fabulous. We’ll share pictures later on. Suffice it to say, I could live in New Mexico. Sooo excited to start this story.

On a more personal note Mel is a graduate of Suzhou Singapore International School. She spent her last two years of high school living in China. She does not speak Mandarin, but she loves dumplings, milk tea, midnight ebike rides through the city, and the French boy she graduated high school with. She also loves to garden, play with her cat, and collect skulls. You can view her artwork on Instagram @Melcabre2 and @cryptidworld.

Tammy is a Licensed Social Worker and previous mental health counselor. She’s published in both short fiction and non-fiction. You can read some of her previously published stuff here. She enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, and visiting with family–especially her three grown kids.

We hope you enjoy this site. Please let us know what you think and share us with your romance reading, fantasy and monster-loving friends.

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