We’re Changing Things UP…

Tammy and Mel

Happy Tuesday and welcome to a new week. I hope your Labor Day was fun. We’re changing things up at Belied Outcast Legends. As we become more serious about this writing journey, we have a need for better organization and control. I don’t know, maybe I’ll simply need to do an overhaul every couple of years because it’s how I’m hardwired. My writing life is like scrabooking. I start out with this nice neat organized pile of pictures, add a few accessories, buy a few tools, and then wham! the projects explodes into an unorganized mess with remnants of ideas everywhere.

I honestly think it has more to do with growing pains. Mel and I both feel our vision is beginning to crystallize, allowing us to hone in on specifics as it relates to our Belied Outcast Legends theme. We’ll talk more about that as time goes on. One of our greatest desires is to connect with others on a more personal level. We were posting article-type blog posts before, which was fun but time consuming. The details made it difficult to keep up with a routine schedule. Now, our blogs are going to be a little more random and informal so we can interact with you … or ramble at thin air. (I’m a mom, it’s happens).

Cryptid of the Month will continue to come out mid month and a flash fiction piece a week later. Everything else will happen inside a newsletter that we hope to have up and running by September 1, 2018. What is that, like … 19 days? Piece of cake.

Point is, we want to spend more time here with you and write stories we can share. If you read about us, you’ll see we’re a mother-daughter team who’ve been around the block a few times. We enjoy being there for others, talking about life, and creating from the heart. We hope being here offers you a positive experience because the world is certainly full of enough negative. So, have a look around, tell us what you think. Say good things about our stories and artwork, and we hope to see you around <waving>. 

Have a great week!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. –Winston Churchill