According to Mythology, the Hippocampus is depicted as half-horse and half-fish. However, in my design, it’s completely mammalian being half-horse and half-dolphin. So, in place of a fish’s tail, I drew the tail of a whale.

I also wanted to stray from the classic chimera design, in which one part of an animal is put together with the part of another animal. To me, that isn’t plausible for real world standards (I’m a buzzkill, I know, but I like the possibility that it COULD exist). Therefore, I took the head of a beluga whale and gave it equine qualities. This hippocampus design also has blowhole flap-like nostrils where it breaths air.

It’s fantastical colors derive from the Amazon River Dolphin. In water, they may simply look normal, but in the right lighting their vibrant hues glow.

Thanks for checking it out. Let me know what you think.

Have you ever heard of the Hippocampus?

Disclaimer: In order to showcase cryptids in a real world setting, we have made some adaptations that may not accurately reflect traditional folklore standards.


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