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The Electric Eel

The Electric Eel and example of bio inspiration detailed on Cryptid World
The Electric Eel

Electric Eels, Black Ghost Knifefish, Electric Rays, Electric Catfish, and the northern stargazer are just a handful of species possessing the Biolectrogenesis ability. Meaning, they can produce electricity shocks.

Some use it for communication, finding their whereabouts, defense and/or hunting. This power comes from electrogenic organs, which are made of electrolytes.

At rest, electrolytes are arranged in a specific pattern in which no electricity is emitted, but when ion channels open, sodium ions release, causing a change in the electrolyte pattern. Then, ZAP!

These electrolyte patterns were the inspiration for the battery design.

One thing I always remember—keep the hair dryer away from the sink because electricity and water don’t mix.

Or, so I thought…

  • Reviews. We alternate between different types of art work, sharing details about what we like. All are Cryptid and/or Creature related. These usually turn up in our blog at some point. Here is a link to a past review.

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