Fairy Spa and Resort

These aren’t clear cut directions. I used what I had and let my imagination take over, so it’s more a description of how I made the fairy spa. I hope some of the tips and hints help you customize your own fairy spa. These steps coincide with the pictures in the slide show.

My initial design was created around plants I had already bought–Elfin Thyme and a Bird’s Nest Spruce.

I knew I wanted to do something creative with the hen and chick pot. The squirrels had been extra ornery this year and daily pulled out the succulents. What better way to use the pot than…?

I chose an open patch in the flower bed among some kind of flower to start my minitropolis of fairy complexes.

First, I knew I wanted to bury the pot yet have some holes exposed for windows and doors. Later, I had to change my mind, but who needs sunlight indoors anyway? The fairies built it underground for a reason, c’mon.

So, once it was buried, I flattened the surrounding area to create a smooth hill-like texture.

I used sticks to create a fence along what I knew would become a stairway. I created the fence by tying the sticks together with hemp rope.

To make the spa tub, I found an Easter egg that was split vertically and fastened it open side down in a Tupperware container. I used electrical tape to hold it down, covering the egg completely for a tight seal.

I added really cool, black, crushed gems around the eggs, but they prevented the cement from getting to the larger rocks I had bordering the egg, so I had to redo this step. Adding few black gems on the second attempt, the cement surrounded the larger stones. I left it dry for a day and slipped it out of the Tupperware and removed the egg. A couple larger pebbles came lose but I glued them back in place with glass glue. The texture of the tape transferred to the spa tub, but I really liked how it turned out otherwise.

Next, I planted the Bird’s Nest Spruce, which is what inspired the spa theme. I added rocks for the fairies to sit and lounge on.

Here’s where my design took a turn, but nothing major. The scroll saw broke, so I couldn’t add the circular doors on the openings like I planned. (I may still do that in the future). And, I added an addition onto the hen and chick pot because I wanted my Elfin Thyme to be level with the pot. That changed the shape of my stairway.

I made the stairway by pouring cement into a silicone chocolate mold that looked like it could be used to make Kit Kat bars. It worked perfectly. I added short twigs to enclose the steps and front entrance.

That’s it. The spa and resort turned out better than I expected. It spa tub currently serves as a nest for sleepy pill bugs. That’s okay, maybe it can be a spa and resort for pill bugs, too.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my fairy resort journey.