Welcome To Our Second Home

Welcome to Belied Outcast Legends. We’re honored you’ve stopped by. This website is a vision of our love for cryptids, creatures, and creation. Mel is all about horror and the macabre. There’s a Rougarou running lose on her side of the office. Tammy is about romance and happy endings. She’s helping a sixteen-year-old cope with a glitching fairy and the obnoxious boy next door. We don’t lead exciting lives, but what goes on inside our heads can be pretty fun.


  • Check our our blog for updates on this crazy adventure we call … work? 
  • Cryptid of the Month, which comes out the middle of each month, features a new character design by Mel Ayers. These are found under the graphics tab.
  • Tammy follows up the next week with a flash fiction piece. Here is last months: Jack, Jill, and the Ivory Egg. You’ll find more under the short stories tab as time goes on. The next story will be published on August 21st, and I can tell you it features a lazy fisherman whose world is about to be turned upside down.


Coming Soon:

  • Novella–No Longer Alone (and hopefully a cover in the near future).
  • Newsletter sign up featuring upcoming projects, a serial romance fantasy (this has been a blast to write), and a give-a-away.
  • And more graphics.