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  1. I’ll discuss them with you! *waves hands* I love random facts, lol. Before I’d even gotten to that question in your post, I had already pulled up 4 tabs about William Henry Johnson so I wouldn’t forget to read about him after I finished your post!
    For me, right now, those empty-nest days feel so far away and yet, Alora starts high school next year. In 4 short years she’ll be deciding between college, tech school, or something else. Graduation, boyfriends, dating, and moving are all on the distant horizon but I can see it drawing closer. We had Alora so quickly after marriage and at the time, we were a little disappointed not to have had any time to ourselves before starting our family (after all that time in a long-distance relationship). But it’s going to be very strange without her.
    Hmm, when I’m alone I like to watch cheesy movies that no one else would enjoy (Bollywood or Hallmark types) or listening to music while doing chores, reading, writing (I can’t write unless I feel a bit insulated from interruption/attention), play with my polymer clay. Basically all the things I like to do even if my husband and daughter are around but with the knowledge I get to enjoy it peacefully. lol
    I prefer to crank the speakers. The only time I use earbuds are at work or in bed when I’m supposed to be sleeping. 😉

    • This is great. I do notice some of your facebook posts are usually fun and interesting topics. I’ll try to remember to put some of the quirky topics I find on your facebook page. We can discuss them. I appreciate that.

      I have married friends whose kids are the same age as mine and their last one just left home last year. They’re so excited to have together time again. It’s very sweet. You and your husband have that to look forward to. Not to mention all the fun that comes with a teenager, and I mean that sincerely. They become these new adults with the whole world at their fingertips, and they develop the ability to talk maturely about topics which only gets better with time. Thanks for the reply.

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