No Longer Alone

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He pushed her away… Until now?

What changed?
Five years ago, sixteen-year-old Lola gave up trying to fit in after her best-friend, Chase, told the world she talked to an imaginary friend. She tried to explain the fairy was real, but everyone called her crazy.

Chase ruined her life. Now, after growing a conscience, he wants to be friends again.
But forgiving isn’t easy, and no way does she trust him. Even if he has changed.
When her Mom suffers complications giving birth and the fairy disappears, Lola desperately needs to confide in someone, but can she open up and risk possible humiliation? Can she risk losing Chase again?

Author’s Note

This small book was a labor of love. I first wrote it as a short story back in high school and placed third in a county wide writing competition. Not because my writing was stellar. The message talks about the value found in all people no matter who we are or where we come from. No matter our mental state or developmental level, we are equal, special, and created with purpose. That’s why I went on to become a Social Worker—so I’d have the opportunity to show people the how and why of what makes them significant to this world.

While I brought certain elements of this story up-to-date and added a romance and a fairy, the story at its core is still about a young woman who shifts perspective in her thinking to not only find value in her life circumstances but in the person she is meant to be.

It is my hope, dear reader, that you understand your worth. If you weren’t valuable, then you wouldn’t be here.

About the Author


Having experienced and witnessed an inordinate amount of loss in her own life and as a social worker and grief counselor, T. S. Mart writes stories about overcoming the emotional pain associated with loss and change. With three grown children, T.S. Mart spends any spare time visiting her kids, gardening, reading, and debating whether she should get a dog, cat, fish…or maybe a rat.