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  1. I didn’t know what Grape Ape was but once I saw the video I have vague memories of seeing him a few times. We lived in Italy from when I was 5, in 1984, until 1988. So we didn’t have a television since everything was in Italian anyway. (A military neighbor in Italy did have some English programming so my sisters and I would sometimes go to their house to watch TV on Saturday mornings but the only thing I remember seeing was Poochie – the pink and white dog movie. (It was probably a VHS tape since apparently it was only a movie, not a tv series: https://youtu.be/OGfvmmXjRyo?t=33) We loved Poochie so much we named our cat Poochie.

    Even after we came back to the states, we didn’t get a television for a year or two – our aunt actually ended up giving us one because she couldn’t stand visiting and there not being a TV in the house. We didn’t get local channels but we’d get cable just before Thanksgiving every year and keep it just through Christmas. And boy, did we make the most of the short month when it came to television watching. So I definitely remember bits of Reading Rainbow, and other Saturday morning shows but I don’t remember many specifics. I still remember the jingle that would play before commercials though. “After these messages… we’ll be right back!” But this was more early 90s, so I most especially remember my sisters and I being hooked on Saved by the Bell which wasn’t a cartoon but did air on Saturday mornings. Most especially I remember my mother watching it with us because she knew we loved it (and probably to make sure it stayed clean – I’ve never seen the old Beverly Hills 90210 or those other popular shows from back then that we weren’t allowed to watch. If fact, my daughter and I are currently watching the original Full House because I’d only ever seen the very occasional episode back then.)

    Then after the Christmas of 1994, my parents decided to keep television just for one year for educational purposes, since it was an Olympic year and an election year. That was when we got hooked on an obscure Canadian CGI-animation called Reboot. We also got Disney (being in Florida, it wasn’t a premium channel) and got addiction to the Mickey Mouse Club (so we knew Brittany Spears, Christian Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and others before they were big names.) But even though we liked a lot of cartoons, we were always slightly more into live-action and things that aired on Disney – the Road to Avonlea series, the Australian shows Ocean Girl, Spellbinder, Kids Incorporated, Five Mile Creek, Boy Meets World, etc.

    But the nostalgia factor is the same. Last year I acquired the Avonlea series on DVD and it’s filled my heart with joy that my daughter enjoys watching it with me. We’re a nerdy family and watch a lot of animations together (Avatar series, Troll Hunters, Dragon Prince, Three Below, Miraculous Ladybug). I love the shows but half the fun is knowing my daughter will have the same nostalgic memories when she grows up, just with these shows!

    • Ryan Gosling was on the Micky Mouse Club? I knew the others were. I guess that reinforces the singing and dancing I thought appeared out of nowhere. I loved the Avonlea series, too and I think a lot of people must be watching the animations because they keep making them.

      • lol The folks who went into acting instead of singing don’t seem to be as associated with MMC. Speaking of the binge factor, those animations aren’t helping. We blasted through Dragon Prince and 3Below in just a few days!

      • It takes discipline not to sit in front of the TV hour after hour when it’s a show you really like.

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