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WHOOOOSH!Know what this is?

It’s the sight and sound of September passing by.


They say time passes by more quickly the older you get. I toyed with the idea of researching this a little deeper and diving into some philosophical thoughts, but that’s not really the point of this post. A rabbit trail for another day. As a writer, I’m notorious for rabbit trails because I love to explore thoughts and ideas (more of that introvert way of thinking, I guess).

But this post is about our newsletter and the promotional giveaway. Stay with us all the way to the bottom for the giveaway details (or scroll directly there). The point is I need to ramble on a little bit first <grin>. This is just the second newsletter we’ve put together for Belied Outcast Legends, and it’s a fun one.

Mel wrote an article about her experience at Cryptid Con last month and also wrote another Creator’s Trademark article that focuses on the Bio-inspiration of a certain “juiced up” creature. Last month, she explored the magnificent flying techniques of dragonflies and how scientist have mimicked them to create more agile drones.

This same technique is used in the robot two high-school students made in the featured, ongoing story Catch Me If You Can that is available only in the newsletter. Chapter Two is available now (along with a link to chapter one). Here is the current back cover blurb:

A Robot. A Dream. An Adventure.
The chase is on, but where it leads is not the destination they predict.

Why Regan’s friends expect her to stay behind when her parents move to China is a mystery. Seriously…pass up the adventure of living in another country? It’s only a year, then she’ll return for college … somewhere, studying … something.

British expat, Link, has life figured out. Fine-tune the robot’s glitches, win the Stanford scholarship, then secure a job with a major robotics company. Only a life-altering variable could mess up his dream.

Or a pretty neighbor his AI robot keeps tracking. Regan’s outgoing, smart, and fun, but fun isn’t in the plan. Besides, his best friend is into her and has connections to supply her the adventure she desires.

Until the robot disappears. Link enlists Regan’s help to find it, but neither are prepared for the secrets they uncover. And their only plan for the future? Don’t to get caught.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be given a link for a free gift that accompanies this story and cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, you’ll be signed up to win an autographed copy of Linda S. Godfrey’s Monsters Among Us.

Monsters Among Us

A fun and slightly frightening read with a diverse cast of cryptids. The perfect book for October. We’ll draw the winner on October 17th, so you’ll still have time for a spooky, Halloween read. Anyone in the world can enter, but you need to be 18. All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter using the form off to the right. Winners will be contacted right away by email then posted in the November newsletter. The rest of the rules can be found here.

We hope you’ll sign up and follow us on this crazy writing journey as we explore the fun behind cryptids, creatures, and creation.

“Life is too short to not enjoy it.”

cryptid babies

Cryptid Babies by Rick C. Spears found on Kelly Milner Hall’s website Wonders of Weird.

Just too cute!

Which baby is your favorite? Do you have a favorite cryptid or monster? Or how about one that frightens you the most?

Hope you have a wonderful day!