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The Pixie-May Cryptid of the Month

Pixie COMFairies have come in many different shapes and sizes throughout the history of old European Folklore. From Trolls to Elves–who knew this vast world of Fae, or “fairy people” existed?

The fairy I’m focusing on now is the Pixie. Pixie means, “wee little fairy” in Swedish. This is because the creature can fit in the palm of your hand. Imagine holding a grasshopper…this is probably what the size of a Pixie might look like.

The Pixie is among the kindest of faeries. Comparing it to the Sprite, they’re both small in size and their powers are similar—using its magic in order to better the wildlife, aiding flowers and trees as they blossom and grow, and helping animals flourish. A majority of the time, Pixies enjoy using their magic to encourage humans to be bold and brave. Occasionally, Pixies will pick up the behavior of their cousin-type–the Sprite–and indulge in spurts of mischief.

Along with several other folklore creatures, Pixies can found in the meadows and woodland areas of Southern England in a county called, Cornwall.

No Longer Alone features a Pixie-type fairy who uses her magic to help Lola overcome her fears and offer reassurance. You can download this ebook for free when you sign up for our newsletter. Or read chapter one to see if it’s your thing.

Below are few pictures from our gardens, a continual hobby in progress.

Gardening is one of our hobbies. How about you? What are some of your hobbies?

Do you like to garden?


The rustic cottage

The concrete tree stump
Early May 2019