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All “Peachiness” Aside

When I’m overwhelmed by life, I rant. It there’s no one to listen. I write. Writing strips the moment down, enhancing my emotions, allowing me to dwell in the moment of what I’m feeling. Today, it’s because of a peach. Or rather a peach seed.

I stood in front of my kitchen sink, looking out the window, chomping on a fresh peach when a squirrel hopped onto the patio. I should toss him the seed, I thought. Then I wondered, do squirrels eat peach seeds. They’re so hard. That prompted me to think about what’s inside a seed–the squirrel’s motivation–and then WHAM!

I’m suddenly overwhelmed with the awesomeness of seeds. Not the first time. Happens every time I pick up a seed that’s sprouted and think about how perfectly engineered it is. Especially a nut because that hard shell splits at the top, but not until it’s had plenty of time to work it’s way into the ground. I always want to crack it open and study the insides.

Of course, a squirrel would eat the peach seed (or what’s inside)! It’s a storage vessel packed with a meaty morsel of nutritious goodness.

Have you ever opened a seed that’s sprouted and just dwelt on how perfectly the insides are positioned for growth? Plants grow up, roots grow down. How does it know!? Intelligent design indeed. The creation takes my breath away.

When I write it down, I bask in the moment and feel the essence of the creation and it’s wonder to my core. This amazing seed–some so tiny we can barely see them–perfectly made. Basking in the wonder is an awesome place to be. it feels good. So, I write about it.

What’s as incredible as the seed is that the squirrel already knows what to do with it…

Have you ever grown anything from seed? Do you get overwhelmed by any part of creation?

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” –Chinese Proverb.

Love that.

Creation, the turning of seasons, the renewing of life year-after-year is evidence of hope.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day!!