I’m Knee Deep In…

…Cryptid goo. Mel and I have been working on a new project. One requiring a bit of research into the life and details of a certain monster. I’ve imposed a deadline to send off the proposal to our agent within <gulp, gasp, choke> one week.  So … I won’t be posting any blogs this week, unless it’s one of me happy dancing after I meet my goal.

Wait. No. Scratch that.

No one gets to see me dance. Except that cat, and even she glares when I do it. (Anyone have difficulty recording or live-streaming themselves?) I. Just. Can’t.

But, I do hope to be posting a “YAY!!” blog by this time next week and hopefully set some Nanowrimo goals (National Novel Writing Month). I hope to write our next novel in November.

Did I just say that out loud?

Is it out loud if you write it publicly but don’t actually say it? It’s not. Right? I’m not actually committed until I sign up. Oh, man. I need to go sign up…

Gotta go. I’m starting to suffocate.

Have a great week everybody. You’re all in my daily thoughts and prayers!