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April Cryptid of the Month

Spring is the time for babies…
What about cryptid babies? What sort of fluffy, newly hatched unknowns do you think might be lurking in the shadows of our world? Here are few I came up with.

And we wish you a Happy Easter as well. Whether you gather with family to celebrate or are home alone, may hope and encouragement find you.

Baby cabbit, jackalope, and cockatrice

Mutations, portmanteaus, or rabbits that are just too frisky?!

As I researched the cabbit and jackalope, I was surprised by the similarities. Not only are they both part rabbit, but they have those self-asserting names.  What is it about rabbits that make such great hybrids?

The Cabbit (aka Rabcat)

This mythological hybrid is a combination of a cat and rabbit. Cabbits earn their place in the fictional world as many people have reported seeing them, but based on the impossibility that rabbits and cats can’t breed, they’re merely a fictional creature. Cabbits have existed since the dawn of mutation. These cats with chromosome abnormality are just lucky enough to stand out from the crowd of normal looking cats.

The Jackalope

A jackrabbit and an antelope make up the anatomy of the Jackalope—the head and body of the rabbit and the horns of an antelope (in some cases, like the Herrick brother’s original 1930’s design, the creature has deer antlers).

This fictional creature has fooled minds across America for generations. What started as a piece of fictional work in the 13th century Europe, turned into a hoax for many people. However, this lore and the sightings of wild and alive jackrabbits may be explained by a disease called Shope Papilloma Virus in which tumors grown from the skin on the rabbit making it appear as if the animal has horns.


If you could have one as a pet, which would it be?

Do you have special plans for the Easter holiday?