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Today is Tuesday Scribes

Today is Tuesday Scribes over at Mike Jackson’s Stories in Your Pocket. This is a six-sentence story challenge. I enjoy reading his work, and hope, in some small way, I learn a thing or two about writing tight and succinct sentences and stories. For today’s challenge, the writing prompt is a clock face and one of the six sentences must be a question.

I’m a novice with short, short fiction, but here is my attempt at his six sentence challenge:

Why Today?

by T. S. Mart

The clock ticked off the remaining fourteen minutes until life as I knew it forever changed. Dark clouds hovered over the desert. Why today?

More than a hundred days had passed without rain. Reassuring myself how fleeting the storms could be, I glanced heavenward and whispered a thank you for the water that had carved the great canyons and nourished the earth.

A blessing, not a curse, so I stepped outside, and prepared to walk down the aisle as the first drops slapped my face.

<Bowing left, right and center, then laughing sheepishly as I shuffle off the stage. Next…>

Have a wonderful day. This has been a fun start to mine.


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