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The Beginning

This blog is about building a fairy garden to please two different types of fairies. The young, uptown, millennial fairy and the older, more practical, gen x fairies.

Seriously, Mel and I love fairies and we love gardening, but boy, do we have different ideas and styles. When we discussed building a fairy garden, Mel wanted fairy pop culture with trendy features and eccentric design. Gardens in pots with fancy accessories. I wanted a stone house, traditional, woodsy type designs with practical accessories.

This mirrors real life, and it’s probably why we get along so well and enjoy working together. We each bring a different skill set to our business. We respect our differences and appreciate the range of opportunity it affords. (I’m writing the blog, but just look at that fairy in the banner up above. She whipped that out in one evening).

So, here we are. You can see how different we are just by our profile pictures. My avatar is from Facebook and Mel’s from Instagram. (She’s not much into Facebook, and I’m not much into Instagram).



Young vs. old. Trendy vs. traditional. Our symbiotic relationship.

Back to the garden. Because we’re somewhat limited on space, we discussed how to include both of our ideas into the yard and existing gardens. About the only thing we could agree upon was our desire to be eco-friendly, economical, and provide easy DIY instructions to share our ideas.

And, we both wanted a backdrop to landscape against. We decided to start at opposite ends of the same garden area bordering our patio. We’ll either use or move the existing fauna.

The flowerbed we plan to fill together–separately

On one end Mel built a modern fairy spa. She’s so talented and creative. The details of her project can be found by clicking here. Here is her final picture.

Fairy Garden Spa and resort

This is where those fairies who want to relax and socialize go. Inside, it’s warm with sauna-like heat. A nice wintry retreat. In the summer, they can utilize the pool under the spruce on top of the resort (after they kick out the pill bugs, unless they want to use them as beach balls).

At the opposite end of the garden is the fairy country cottage. Building it was slightly involved but incredibly fun. These fairies enjoy family time at home, gardening, collecting trinkets. And they aren’t afraid to make silly mistakes in building a house. Especially one with two different roof lines, because that is how they learn. Practice makes perfect, right?

Fairy Country Cottage

Hopefully, our practice will make your attempt closer to perfect.



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Click here for the Fairy County Cottage DIY Instructions

Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier when Mel asked to use the hen and chick pot. I had just refilled it with new hen and chicks, and every day after, the squirrels dug them out. IMG_2422

Anytime I can one-up the squirrels, I’m happy. Now, I can enjoy the hen and chick pot as a fairy spa and resort. Take that squirrels.

Besides a couple plants, Mel spent no money on this fairy house. Score a point for the millennial.

Here is Mel’s slide show. The diy page coincides with her photes.



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This is the beginning. Each month we’ll tackle a project, putting our own spin on the same idea to see what we end up with at the end of the summer. While we’re different, Mel and I enjoy creating. It’s fun to see where our imaginations travel. We hope you’ll share your input and offer ideas to help us along the way.

Disclaimer: We make mistakes, but we don’t start over unless we truly dislike the results. Life is about learning from our mistakes, not necessarily erasing them. If you see something crooked, cracked, or a little off, it’s probably not supposed to be that way. You likely can do better, but the important take-away is the fun.

What project do you think we should work on next? Pathways with lighting? Some sort of water structure, outdoor furniture, or another house? Let us know what you think and please share us with your friends who enjoy fairy gardens.