The Art of Homemade

Yesterday, I cooked from scratch for the first time in a long while, and I can’t tell you how incredibly good it felt. I used to do a lot of it when the kids were young, but nowadays these domestic tasks are replaced by writing, traveling, or keeping up with social media. Homemade banana bread is replaced by store-bought bagels and cream cheese. Homemade butternut squash soup is replaced with soup out of a carton.

Not that I don’t enjoy a good soup out of a carton, <grin> but there is something in the act of cooking down a squash and creating a gourmet soup that satisfies a creative urge in me.

My grandma passed down a legacy to my mom, who handed it down to me, and I to Mel. It is the Art of Homemade—a love for creating (anything) to share with family and friends. My grandmother worked as a head cook and a seamstress while my mom owned a craft store and ceramic shop. When I was little, she supplemented her income by sewing.

I did so much crafting and cooking when the kids were younger—homemade clothes, soaps, gardening, canning, scrapbooking, etc. We even made homemade noodles and apple dumplings that we sold at the Farmer’s Market for several years.

Then the seasons in my life gradually changed. I went through a divorce and the boys moved out. With the house nearly empty, there wasn’t a need to cook like I used to. This wasn’t the future I envisioned. I expected to be cooking, cleaning, and providing for a houseful for forever.

But change wasn’t bad.

It took me awhile to grapple with the unfamiliar and work through the grief, but once I accepted my new role, I saw opportunity for growth in other areas of my life. Now, my homemade products are the short stories, blog posts, and novels I write. The family I create for is much larger.


Homemade rarely fits into the schedule, and honestly, better food can be found in a restaurant, but on those days, when opportunity presents itself, or I rationalize a need to steal time from my responsibilities, I treat myself to the luxury of homemade because living within the legacy passed down to me feels good. Even if I am behind on my word count.

What is your favorite homemade item?

Did you ever have an item that completely flopped? (Mine was homemade root beer. The fermentation process didn’t quite go as planned :-/)

Have the winds of change touched your life? What helps you cope?