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The Song in My Head — 2 Comments

  1. I frequently wake up with songs in my head too. What’s funny is they are often songs I heard once a week or two previously and yet suddenly I can remember the melody and some of the words. (I’ve always thought this must lend credence to those theories that our brains retain more than we think.)

    As for worry, I agree some of it is family environment but i also think it also involves personality type and other factors. (I’m a big fan of big-order psychology, for example.) Several years ago, I frequently struggled with anxiety and winter depression (I think I had SAD), especially at night. We had just inherited a bunch of old, theology books and I was selling them on ebay, I would list 2 or 3 every few months. I pulled one of the books out and as I was flipping through it to gauge its condition, I read the first page and liked the simple, amiable style of the writing. The book was God’s Psychiatry by Charles L Allen, which offers insights into the Twenty-third Psalm, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Beatitudes. Well, I ended up keeping that book by my bed and I’d read just one or two pages a night. Then I would lay in bed, praying over Psalm 23 line by line. I never even made it to the rest of the book, I just reread those pages on the Psalm whenever I felt the worries creeping back. It made a huge difference in getting me through that winter and I still find it helpful.

    • Neat Story, Kat, God is enough, isn’t he? There certainly is power in his presence and I believe he is there when we’re dwelling on the scriptures, praying, worshiping. And when we recognize his presence it helps us cope. Thanks for sharing.

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