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  1. My earliest stories, that I recall, were from the first year my mother began homeschooling us. I was in 6th grade and two things happened. I wrote a short story loosing inspired by Kidnapped & Treasure Island (the Disney movies) along with a smattering of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. I’m not even sure if it was an assignment or something I did on my own and then decided it deserved a grade. Someday I need to scan it and share it on my blog.

    I was always looking for ways to turn school assignments into stories. 6th grade was the last year I had spelling as an official school subject. I was supposed to use each of my spelling words in a sentence but I quickly found individual sentences boring. So I started using all the spelling words in weekly letters from one fictional king to his best friend, the king of a neighboring kingdom. The people of his kingdom had some crazy experiences, based on the words I needed to use each week. I was pretty proud of that series and still have a handful of those letters somewhere.

    I remember in 7th or 8th grade, I was supposed to write a report about the earliest American colonies. I turned it into a letter from a colonial law firm presenting the information to the British royals who had hired their services. I even got my dad to buy some kind of ivory resume paper and printed it in a curly font that felt more authentic to 12-yr-old me. lol

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