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How to Change Your Mood: The Power of a Memory — 2 Comments

  1. When I was a kid and my family lived in the Miami area, we used to go to the Miami-Dade County fair every year. We would enter crafts and artwork and always hit those huge barns before we headed for the rides. We never did the games but there were 5 of us kids so we only got so many rides anyway. It was a huge fair and had, not only the usual carnival rides, but even the one like a ski-lift that snaked above everyone’s heads. And a massive Ferris wheel. There was a lady my family adopted while her husband was deployed to Saudi Arabia (this was back during Desert Storm). We adored her and she frequently had my sisters and I over for sleepovers. I remember her going with us one year, and her playing with my long hair as we stood in line for rides.

    Once we moved, the fair didn’t seem to be as big of a deal and we usually missed it because we wouldn’t even know when it was happening. When Alora was little and we lived in Wyoming, we took her to the fair and I recall having a blast with her. She was too young for most rides but she rode the handful for ittybittys and I remember playing one game (my first and only time!) with rubber ducks floating around and the colors/numbers on their bottoms correlated to prizes. Now we’re back in the Fl panhandle again and again, no idea when the fair happens. But I need to make more of an effort. It’d be nice to give Alora some of those memories before she finishes growing up!

    • What a great memory. Even if it isn’t the fair, I’m sure you’re creating fun and memorable traditions for your daughter.

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