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    • For better or worse. I was also quite impressed by the storms that cropped up every night while were out west. They didn’t last long, but they were intense.

      • I think weather is one of the most fascinating things. (I almost went to school for it!) Here in Florida, we joke that you can set your clock by our 2pm rain. It’s not a storm but it can be quite a downpour, out of nowhere and then gone within 15 minutes. 😀

  1. I enjoyed your story and loved the phrae ‘as the first dropped slapped my face’. Why does rain do that to you?
    Hope to see you over at Tuesday Scribes again inthe future.

    • In this particular instance, I wanted to show the conflicting feelings of this character on her wedding day–her doubts, her ability to overcome them, and then her human doubts creeping back in with a “slap” on the face. (More literally, the drops out west in the desert are big, fat and very wet). I had fun with Tuesday Scribes. Thank you for offering it.

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